“Everyone was talkin’ bout the Henry’s Swing Club
So I decided I’d drop in there that night
When I did, I say, ‘Yes people!’ They was really havin’ a ball!
Yes I know. Boogie chillen!”

– John Lee Hooker, “Boogie Chillen'”, 1947

Henry’s Swing Club is a bar located in the heart of Chicago’s River North district. It was created by David Morton, Michael Kornick, and Michael Rubel of DMK Restaurants and only has the things they think a bar must have. Henry’s serves cheap classic drinks. Hand bottled drinks. Frozen drinks. Sparkling drinks. Sangria. Bourbon. Boiler makers. Champagne. Craft beers. Domestic Beers. ‚Äč

Hungry? Henry’s serves the largest selection of sliders in Chicago, for 2 to 4 bucks. Fries. Tamales. Fish Tacos. That kind of stuff. And s’mores.

Henry’s has games. Free pool, decks of cards, Uno and spin the bottle — the cheap, fun stuff.

Henry’s Swing Club plays music. Loud music, sometimes live. American Roots Music. Jump Blues. Chicago Blues. Doo Wop. Garage. Vintage Country. 70s Rock. Soul. Funk. Cajun. Zydeco. Hell — even a little Cuban.

Henry’s Swing Club hosts a party nightly. DMK Restaurants’ way. With hospitality, love and respect.

Henry's Swing Club Interior Bar and Pool Table

18 West Hubbard Street, USA 312 .955.8018 Directions >